Bracing for the Inevitable: 5 Security Predictions for 2022 5 Security Predictions for 2022

From continued ramifications of the pandemic and the increasing sophistication and frequency in cyber attacks, the past year was truly one for the record books. We look at the 5 most likely security predictions for 2022.

Ransomware gangs have become bolder than ever before and attackers continue to target the industries where they can make the most impact. 2021 even witnessed the first death attributed to ransomware – a worst case scenario that can and must be prevented in the coming year. So, with attackers continuing to up the ante, what developments should we anticipate and be prepared for in 2022? Here’s my take on what’s to come:

  • 1. Ransomware Gangs Will Rival Enterprises in Complexity

  • 2. Companies Who Pay Ransoms Will Pay in Other Ways

  • 3. Food Supply Will Be Compromised

  • 4. Cyber Insurance Providers & Security Vendors Will Join Forces

  • 5. Africa & SE Asia Will Become Cyber Contenders



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